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Site Reliability Engineering: How Google Runs Production Systems

If you support systems @ scale than you must read the Google SRE book!  Do yourself and your team a favor by making sure you don’t repeat the mistakes in this book! This should be required reading for all managers … Continue reading

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Chromecast WPA-EAP from guest WiFi

You may have recently seen the article about the FBI recommending that all IOT devices be placed onto their own networks for security purposes. The reason being that security in IoT devices has been notoriously bad and in some cases, … Continue reading

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Delegated Credentials: Improving the security of TLS certificates

This is worthy of a share if you are interested in TSL. Facebook, Cloudflare, and Mozilla are working together with the ITEF to develop a new protocol for handling the private keys for SSL certs. Facebook Engineering gives a great … Continue reading

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Tutanota: Secure email, calendar and contact list

Today I upgraded my email provider to Tutanota. They provide encrypted email hosted on servers in Germany. In addition to the encrypted inbox you can easily send end to end encrypted emails with users of other services like Gmail. Fellow … Continue reading

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