WPA-EAP – IoT, Chromecast & mDNS

This is actually a continuation of a post I made in case you have not seen it.

On this page I will go over the configuration specifics and provide some show commands to help explain how this all comes together to create a more secure WiFi network for your IoT devices while extending the capabilities of your Chromecast Ultra.

It’s a work in progress so check back later if you were hoping it would be more complete.

  • LAN – 192.168.x.x
  • VLAN99 – 192.168.99.x
  • DMZ – 192.168.99.x
  • VPN 10.8.x.x

You will need:

  • Chromecast Ultra (Ethernet)
  • PfSense Firewall
    • FreeRadius
    • Avahi (mDNS deamon)
  • AP that supports RADIUS and VLANS
tcpdump  -i em1.99

Here you can see the mDNS being propagated across network boundaries, from LAN to VLAN99, using Avahi.

13:49:49.928277 IP > 0 PTR (QM)? _googlecast._tcp.local. (40)

13:49:49.929217 IP > 0*- [0q] 4/0/0 PTR Chromecast-Ultra-f4cb64a26526c38a1ce9418388c859c6._googlecast._tcp.local., (Cache flush) A, (Cache flush) SRV f4cb64a2-6526-c38a-1ce9-418388c859c6.local.:8009 0 0, (Cache flush) TXT "id=f4cb64a26526c38a1ce9418388c859c6" "cd=BC82ADC4229C598DBA2F79F03221289C" "rm=" "ve=05" "md=Chromecast Ultra" "ic=/setup/icon.png" "fn=ChromecastUltra8878" "ca=200709" "st=0" "bs=FA8FCA7DC314" "nf=1" "rs=" (367)

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